Brighton Preschool parents have a lot to say about our school. Here’s just a few of their comments.

Brighton Preschool provides a solid academic foundation, preparing students for kindergarten.

What sets Brighton apart from other preschools is the school's director. The program reflects her passion of teaching. Students cultivate a love of learning and a positive can do attitude. The program offers enrichment classes: yoga, music, Zoorobic, Brain Gym, and ceramics. If you are looking for a quality preschool, Brighton should be on your list.

—  Lupe K.

Brighton preschool is really a great place. My sometimes-hypersensitive dramatic child has gained so much from being in this structured but fun environment. Yes, my child has learned many good academic skills but mostly she has learned important lessons about the world we live in and how we must treat others. I am amazed at the creativity and resourcefulness of the arts and crafts the children make. There is great care and effort taken to procure some really interesting materials for making some really fun things. We all need to learn how to use our hands minds and bodies. Zoorobics/Brain Gym, yoga, ceramics and music are just a few of the things my child has been exposed to. In the past nine months my child has matured in many ways. I appreciate the patience and encouragement from all teachers and Gillian. This goes for both my enthusiastic kid and me as a young parent. Besides that, the children’s friends and families we have met have also been rewarding to my spouse and me. Brighton preschool is probably not for every kid but it seems to be working for my child and my family. Knowing that our child is safe, having fun with good people and learning is OK with me. I am not usually compelled to write reviews (positive or negative) about anything. I just had to speak up about my positive experience at this great nurturing environment. I give Brighton Preschool a very favorable if not excellent review. I just hope they will have room for my next in line toddler because I would most definitely send her there too.

—  Brad W.

Brighton Preschool is such an amazing place. Our child looks forward to going everyday, and always has so much to share afterward. The children learn all about art, nature, music, different cultures, as well as getting a strong foundation in letters and numbers. I believe they are the only accredited preschool in Pacifica. We are so happy to have our child there and would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a calm, caring yet intellectually stimulating environment.

—  T. P.

Our oldest daughter has been at Brighton for two years now and she is very happy with the preschool. She has been exposed to all types of creative crafts and science projects, which she loves. As a parent who is on the anxious side with safety, I feel very confident with the care. I am a nurse practitioner and have also noticed that there is much less illness than at other facilities, which I think is because of how clean the facility is. Also, the class size (12 or less) gives you less exposure to illness. My daughter has been prone to ear infections, so this was a big issue for me; and we have been very relieved about how clean and safe it is. I recommend this preschool – and also I think it’s a deal. We were in a preschool in SF that was almost twice as expensive, and I did not feel as secure that she was being nurtured as well as she has at Brighton.

—  Kim S.

My wife and I are incredibly happy with our daughter's two-year experience at Brighton Preschool. The education she is receiving is truly unsurpassed and, as far as we're concerned, the best that we could have hoped for the sake of our child's future. We adore the teachers and think that "Teacher Gillian," the school's director and lead teachers, is amazing at what she does day in and day out for these kids.

—  Sean W.

Our son has been at Brighton Preschool for eight months now and we are amazed to see how much he has grown over that time. We selected the program because of all the wonderful programs it has to offer (phonics and math exercises, art, music, ceramics, dance, yoga, educational field trips, the list just goes on), but he has really grown socially as well. He has a very shy personality, but since he started at Brighton I can see his confidence blooming. He wants to go on play dates without mom, HUGE! I love that he comes home talking about subjects he's learning at school. Currently they are studying birds. He came home with a bird watching chart and is excited to go on walks and look out the window identifying all the local bird species. The education is presented in a playful manner that creates a love for learning! It's a loving, clean, safe environment. The teachers are extremely organized, rotating stimulating free play activities on a daily basis. One day there are water play tables set up outside, and the next cardboard boxes have been assembled into forts. It's the perfect balance of free play and guided learning. We also like the small classroom size. There are never more than 12 children at a time. But, because of this it requires some planning on your part to be accepted into the program. Tour the school early! I'd recommend contacting Teacher Gillian at least 1 year prior to attending. It's worth it!

—  Keri A.

My son has been going to Brighton for 2 years. He will be going to Kindergarten next year but lucky for us my second son will be attending this fall. I cannot say enough great things about Brighton Preschool and the wonderful teachers that work there. They are so dedicated, kind, engaging and creative. They keep us, the parents, in the loop at all times and encourage an open communication.
My son loves school! He has grown so much in the last two years! He brings home artwork, words he spells, simple math equations & books every week.
He has become an outgoing, inquisitive, self-assured little boy.
We are so fortunate to have this gem in our town. Thank you, Brighton Staff.

—  Patty Z D.

This school is a special find! Brighton has a welcoming, warm environment that is spacious and comfortable, without being overwhelming for the kids. My child looks forward to going to school every day, and is thoroughly engaged in the activities. The variety of projects that involve arts, from music to ceramics to dancing to gymnastics to crafts, is just amazing. My child has matured emotionally and developed so many new skills in the time that she has been here. The teachers are patient and take the time to really know each student, so they can help him/her be a successful learner and good classmate!

—  Dawn W.

My oldest daughter has been attending Brighton Preschool for almost 2 years. The progress she has made in this time both educationally and maturity-wise has been amazing in great thanks to the devoted teachers who know and work with the children so well. The program is outstanding in terms of what the children are exposed to; my schoolteacher mother is blown away by what positive things these children are learning and absorbing at such an early age. I can't wait for our youngest to attend and benefit as greatly as her sister has. Kindergarten here we come – we're ready!

—  Tiffany W.

I sent my youngest child to Brighton and wishing I knew about Brighton with my other two children so they could have had that experience. Brighton is truly a jewel in Pacifica I feel so lucky to have a preschool with such a caring owner/teachers. She gives you a 100% every single day, with all their creative projects and play time along with learning. You can't ask more then that! My daughter grew so much in the one year she was there, we really do miss our Brighton days.

—  Amber T.

My daughter, who is first grade now, attended Brighton Preschool for 2 years.  She absolutely loved it there and still speaks of it wistfully and often asks to go and visit.  Gillian provides an amazing amount of enrichment activities in an very nurturing environment.  As a family with 2 full time working parents, we are so thankful to Brighton and Gillian for providing the best care for our daughter.  We only wish we had known more to enroll our older son.

—  Mary Ellen C.

This is truly a gem and we are so glad that our daughter can attend this school!  Our daughter loves this school!  When she asks if it's a "school day," and we tell her it is, she shouts "Hurray!"  We have interviewed and visited many other preschools in the San Francisco area, but none are as enriching as Brighton.  The program incorporates reading, language, math, science as well as music, yoga, Zoorobic.  The teachers are thoughtful and so engaged with the children.

—  Keri K.

Brighton Preschool is wonderful. My child is very happy there. It’s a very clean, safe environment, and has loving teachers. Small class size is a bonus. Focuses on both art and academics. Fun field trips and monthly activities such as music, yoga, Zoorobic and ceramics!

—  J.P.

I toured many of the preschools in Pacifica, and I was very impressed with Brighton; I knew right away that this was the right fit for us. The teachers are friendly, nurturing and are really devoted to the children and their learning. We really enjoy the weekly red book bag program and many of the other unique activities that Brighton has to offer such as the yoga and dance teacher, ceramics, Zoorobic, and many fun field trips, which are all offered on top of their daily math, science and writing activities. Every month there is a new theme that the children learn about such as space, different cultures, and job occupations. Everyday our child comes home excited to share her report of the classes’ activities for the day, their responses to the question of day, and her writing and art projects. I am so happy with the teachers and their program that I have already signed my youngest one up to attend when he is old enough.

—  Jessica H.